Is My Personality Right for Real Estate?

When asked, “Why are you considering a career in real estate?” one of the most common answers is, “I like to look at houses.”  But, it’s important to know that while there is a whole lot of ‘fun’ in this career (looking at houses, helping people, etc), there is also a fair share of the ‘work’ and ‘stress’, too.  It’s not all fun and games all the time.  For instance, when you are looking at house number 12 on a 100-degree August afternoon in Kansas City with a car full of toddlers and a stressed-out couple, “looking at houses” may involve just as much anxiety as it does fun.

Read through the personality traits below to see if you might be cut out for a career in real estate.  Then, take our free online Sales Personality Assessment for a detailed look into your strengths and weaknesses, and how they apply to a real estate career.

Sales Personality Assessment

You have to like people.
So much of your success in the real estate business is contributed your ability to create and maintain relationships with your clients.  Clients can be family and friends, people you already have solid relationships with, but you will also need to be comfortable forming new relationships with new clients like the out-of-town buyers or the random sign calls.  A successful real estate agent typically feels energized by getting to know new people and enjoys “breaking the ice”.

You have to like yourself.
Confidence is key.  You have to be capable of expressing your opinions and desires with clarity and consideration.  You’ll find it very hard to gain a client’s trust if you are unsure of yourself.  And trust is absolutely necessary between agent and client.  If you are confident in your beliefs, opinions, and ability, then your clients will be, too.

 You have to like healthy competition.
A career in real estate is, at its most basic breakdown, a sales job.  It requires a competitive spirit in order to succeed.  You’ll find yourself competing with other agents for the business of buyers or sellers, and also, competing with yourself to better your business on a regular basis.  It can be high stress, and being able to enjoy the highs, and not take the lows personally, is a necessary trait of successful agents.

You have to be comfortable (and good at) wearing different hats.
You will find yourself a counselor, negotiator, problem solver, area expert, mediator, and a friend… sometimes all these in the span of minutes.  You have to know when to turn on the compassion, but also when to toughen up and deliver the hard facts.  It’s a balancing act, and one that many people find uncomfortable.

On top of the different hats you’ll wear with your clients, you also have to wear the different hats of a business owner.  As an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for your own marketing, accounting, and time management.  Which brings us to our next trait…

You have to be organized.
Any career that involves contracts, deadlines, laws, and potential fines is sure to require a remarkable ability to systematize every aspect of your business.  From filling out paperwork correctly, to keeping business receipts for taxes, to following through on every detail of your marketing plan…for all six of your clients…each at different stages, it’s absolutely necessary to be organized; or at the very least, you need to be capable of setting up a working routine and sticking with it.

You have to see the forest from the trees.
In this business, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the details.  Some deals may be painfully complicated or emotionally draining.  Agents can find themselves in so deep that they have trouble knowing how to move forward or how to best serve their clients.  Negative emotions like fear, embarrassment, and sadness will be a part of your life in real estate, but it’s your ability to manage these emotions that will determine your ability to succeed.  In these situations, you must be able to take a step back, evaluate the circumstances, and tackle it from a non-emotional, completely professional standpoint.

You have to have patience.
Patience is a virtue, and one that all real estate professionals should have.  There will be days (or weeks, or sometimes even months) where you feel like you are continuously spinning your wheels with no traction.  There will be clients who have no idea what they actually want or have no respect for your time.  You will have to work with agents from other companies who have less-than-mediocre training or even less common sense.  You will be tested in this career, and a little patience goes a long way to keep your stress levels down.

You have to have faith in yourself.
If you believe you can reach your goals, continuously improve, and get through the challenging aspects of this career, then you will get to experience the sweet satisfaction that goes along with it, too.  It’s not always easy, and it’s not always fun.  But helping people with their slice of the American dream is one of the most rewarding careers in our country.  Not only is it rewarding financially (the sky is the limit on potential income), but you can go to bed at night knowing you made a huge difference in the lives of those you helped.

If you would like to see if you have the right personality for a real estate career, click HERE to take our free Sales Personality Assessment!

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