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Our office does not focus primarily on closing deals and bottom lines; our central focus is to exceed our customers’ expectations during the home buying and selling process.  We’re big believers in the “you get what you give” philosophy, so we provide our agents with the means to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients, which in turn will produce exceptional results for our agents and company.


Connect, Collaborate, Community. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and sharing environment.  Ideas and best practices are discussed openly which allows both agents and staff a supportive and motivating environment to work in.  We focus on the positives and encourage agents to keep climbing and propelling themselves forward.  Going along with the “you get what you give” mentality, we participate in many charitable events including walks, fundraisers, family adoption, food and coat drives, and more.  Working together to help each other, and our community, connects us to one another in a way that’s bigger than “associate” or “co-worker”.  From fundraisers to sales meetings, monthly cookouts to happy hours, we’re a family who likes to work hard and play hard.


We offer our agents the latest technologies, a dynamite support staff, and round-the-clock access to tools and information to make their jobs easier.  BHG offers a plethora of tools including free templates for almost anything (craigslist, e-cards, flyers, etc), personalized magazine subscriptions for clients, extensive training on social media, blogging, video, and so much more.  Newly licensed agents look forward to personalized business plans with one-on-one training and accountability.  Our office also offers a unique staff member, the Pod Coordinator, who serves as an a-la-carte personal assistant to help our agents with anything from marketing to file compliance.


Our team is comprised of career-minded, engaged individuals who live and breathe real estate.  Their career is their passion and their livelihood.  We set a high standard, and expect our agents to offer consistent, quality service to their clients.


Our switch to Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate in late 2012 allowed us to align ourselves with a brand that shares the same ideals and innovation that we have strived for all along.  BHG understands the importance of the customer experience and staying current with emerging technologies available in real estate.  Their core values are P.A.I.G.E.: Passion, Authenticity, Innovation, Growth, Excellence.  Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate is also backed by the media giant Meredith Corporation, giving our agents access to exclusive information and discounts.

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