Show & Tell – Tips for Your Real Estate Career From Agents Themselves

Show&TellShow & Tell: we went around the room and asked each agent to answer the following 3 questions

1-What one piece of advice would you give a brand new agent?

  • Treat it like a corporate job and go to the office every day
  • Join a team or have a mentor
  • Be available and answer your phone
  • Create a database of friends and family
  • Pick up the phone and call friends and family
  • Make contacts through organizations
  • Get organized, or hire an assistant
  • Take advantage of training
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Don’t get attached to the outcome
  • If you have a bad day don’t worry , you will have a good one tomorrow
  • Don’t get discouraged or give up
  • Get to know other cooping agents
  • Find out what works for you and stick with it
  • Team up with a good loan officer and title company

2- Give us a tip or tool that has changed your business. This could be an advertising piece, an app, a website or anything else of value.

  • Social Media
  • MLS reports
  • CSS reports
  • Going Mobile (iPad, phone, etc)
  • Farming a neighborhood
  • Other agents at the office
  • E-cards
  • Video

 3- How did you get your last transaction?

  • Open house
  • Past client
  • Referral from coi
  • Referral from south PKC office
  • Inet lead
  • Referral from ReMax agent
  • Flyer call
  • Sign call

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