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Did you see the Embracing Change in the New Year Article in the Clean Slate Blog?


Embrace Change in the New Year:

What steps will you take to become the best version of yourself in 2019?
What strategic partnerships can you continue to grow?
In what area does your time, energy and commitment make the most significant impact?
What does success in 2019 look like, feel like, taste like?
What opportunity can you create out of last years challenge?
What action can you take within the first 30 days of 2019 to transform your business?
How can my business grow in spite of market conditions or self-imposed limitations?
What niche will I focus on to grow and expand the reach within my community?
What new business marketing tool will I implement to simplify my life?
What one thing could you improve upon right now within your business?
The bottom line:

Fear of change both personally and professionally can be debilitating. Make the commitment in 2019 to stop resisting success and embrace it. Don’t just write it in a journal, but speak it to your soul.

Believe in new beginnings, map your destination and stay determined to meet those goals.



How the Government shut down is impacting real estate




Buffini Peak Producers


Kick Off Week February 11-15 from 10-Noon

Corporate Training Room

Group will meet the following 12 weeks on Mondays from 10-Noon

Start 2019 off right with the Peak Producers training program. Peak Producers will give you a step-by-step action plan to overcome peaks and valleys in your income and produce at a consistently high level. Whether you’re a 16-year veteran or a brand-new agent, this 12-week training program gives you the strategies to build a rock-solid real estate business.

Cost $395 – Deadline to Register is February 1st

Email Kristi if you are interested.



DIY Bulk Mail Workshop


FEB. 7, 10-NOON | FEB. 21, 1-3 | MARCH 5, 1-3 | MARCH 7, 1-3


Put direct mail into your 2019 marketing plan! Join Liberty agent Patrick McDowell for a multi-session, hands-on workshop where you’ll learn about the power of bulk mail in 2019. Discover how to design and print your own marketing pieces before mailing them with the company’s bulk-mail permit at a price that will wow you. Follow along each session to create, prepare and mail your own targeted bulk-mail piece by the end of the month-long workshop. Templates and step-by-step instructions provided. Seating is limited and attendees can expect to invest around $100 for the printing and mailing of their campaign.

Email Patrick at pmcdowell@kansascityhomes.com to sign-up or questions, calendar invites and pre-workshop ideas will be sent.



Talent Attraction


The company has updated the Talent Attraction payouts so bonuses are paid quicker. Please check your mailbox for payouts effective for new hires after January 1, 2019.



Pop By Ideas


ITEM: Coffee or Coffee Gift Card

SAYING: Coffee and your referrals keep

my business running


ITEM: Bottles of soda

SAYING: Soda-lighted for your business



How is the KC Real Estate Market?


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Announcing our new company website- Home Suite






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