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Secured Title is Growing

Please help me welcome a new member at the Barry Rd office-Athena Martinez! She will be sitting at the front desk and will be a Processor. She will be getting her Notary license for MO as well. She also is conversationally fluent in Spanish.

KCRAR/HMLS: A Note from Patti Dauer

As this year winds down, 2018 is already gearing up to be a busy year. We are adding new exciting education sessions not only for agents, but for your office staff as well, and we are upgrading the online CE courses for you. We are constantly focused on safety, and next year will be no different with the continued offering of the Lifeline Response safety app AND newly reduced leasing fees for Supra iBoxes that will ensure everyone can provide the most secure option for their clients.

2017 has been quite a year with a healthy market despite the continued low inventory, average sales prices have increased from this time last year. We’ve added the new Pre MLS status for waived listings, Realist Tax and Public records, Homesnap Pro and Dotloop with unlimited loops for all users.

KCRAR also had a great year with the overwhelming success of the 2nd annual Rock The Block event, and of course, the Holiday Party that included almost 400 members in attendance. We   also cannot forget about the new “Which Role” consumer campaign that launched in September with television commercials and a strong print, digital, and social presence.

In recent news, please help us welcome the St. Joseph Association as part of KCRAR beginning Jan.1. We look forward to the addition of many amazing agents to our organization and   foresee a great 2018 ahead of us. This email is to provide you with advanced notice of a few upcoming items.   Look for more information in the coming weeks in the Resource Report email and articles on www.resourcekc.com.

Patti Dauer Member Outreach Manager/Broker Liaison

Marketing Department Update:

Making and Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time a year again when we start to think about what the new year will bring and what we want to accomplish. Ryan Estis provides 10 steps to keeping your New Year’s Resolution.

Pop-By Ideas

Remember pop-bys don’t have to be only for your existing clients. The beauty of a pop-by is that you are dropping it off – you don’t need their name, address or phone number to do that. If you have a neighborhood that you wish you had more yard signs in start popping by and leaving treats.

Item: Tootsie Rolls                                    Saying: Great service is how we roll

Item: homemade bread                            Saying: Any way you slice it you are the best, thanks for your referrals

Item: Toy shovel with candy                    Saying: I dig your referrals

The New Greenhouse

If you haven’t been in the new Greenhouse you may want to take a peak. They have revamped the entire site and created additional functionality to ease your frustrations while navigating. Below are a few of my favorite new features.

If you are like me and want to quickly access your favorite tools watch the 27 second video below to learn how to save your favorite tools so you can have your own quick links.

The next video will show you how to filter the newsfeed that appears on the home screen of The Greenhouse, if there are certain items you don’t want to miss you can tag them and make sure they appear. Watch the 32 second video below.

New Newsletter

Send your contacts great household advice and seasonal tips with the new BHGRELife newsletter campaign. Featuring high-quality lifestyle content and exclusive material from Meredith Corporation, this campaign is the perfect way to stay top-of-mind throughout the year while providing your consumers relevant content. Once activated, this campaign automatically sends your selected contacts a monthly newsletter for the whole year. The BHGRELife newsletter campaign is the perfect way to connect with your contacts on a monthly basis.

To access the BHGRELife newsletter campaign, navigate to the Digital Marketing Center in The Greenhouse. Once in the Digital Marketing center, click on Campaign Templates under the Design Library section in the left-hand menu, then click on the Collection dropdown and select BHGRE – Consumer Campaigns.


Veterans Community Project

We were thrilled to present our final donations for the 2nd tiny home. Now we are raising dollars for a board in the board room table. We are almost half way there! We have $1,090 so far and need a total of $2,500. After the first of the year look out for signs and jars for – Lose your loose change for VCP! I believe we can get to our goal in no time. Thank you again for all your contributions and continued support! Every time I speak with VCP they talk about how great BHGRE is how impressed they are by all of our agents.

Tax Reform and Real Estate



Could your advertising cost you?



BHGRE Learning Updates

Join us in January when Sean Carpenter brings us two sessions on Lead Generation.

An active real estate professional, he is also a popular speaker across the nation focusing on sales topics of creating memorable customer experiences, maximizing social and digital media, as well as business planning and leadership.

The ABC’s of Lead Generation – Part 1 – Jan 16th 2-3pm EST

Are you looking for some fresh new ideas for generating more business in 2018 or do you simply need to refresh yourself on some basic skills, dialogues, and techniques? No matter where you’re at on the experience continuum, make plans to join fellow Realtor and National Speaker Sean Carpenter for this fast-paced webinar that will be a firehose of fun, practical and tactical ways to capture more business opportunities. In Part 1, we’ll roll through the first half of the alphabet sharing stories and suggestions to build your “book of business” and generate some enthusiasm and excitement in 2018.

The ABC’s of Lead Generation – Part 2 – Jan 19th 2-3pm E

After sharing ideas from A through L in Part 1 of this two-part webinar, Sean Carpenter is back and ready to finish strong with ideas from “Making friends” to “Finding Your Zone” and all the other letters in between. Fast-paced, fun and full of ideas to build, maintain and grow your business in 2018, this is a webinar you will not want to miss.

You can enroll for these classes from the newsfeed on the main page of the Greenhouse, or from the Learning Calendar, found under the Learning menu.


What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself?

Watch this 11 minute video on evaluating what your vision is about your reality.

Reality isn’t something you perceive; it’s something you create in your mind. Isaac Lidsky learned this profound lesson firsthand, when unexpected life circumstances yielded valuable insights. In this introspective, personal talk, he challenges us to let go of excuses, assumptions and fears, and accept the awesome responsibility of being the creators of our own reality.

2018 Forms

Buyer’s Estimated Expense Worksheet

Before we begin on changes, let’s review the Buyer’s Estimated Expense Worksheet.

Who should use this form?

This form should be prepared by the agent working with a buyer to write an offer on a property.

What is the purpose of this form?

This form is used to provide a buyer with an estimate of their loan costs, closing costs, pre-paid items, total cash outlay, and monthly payment based on the terms of their offer.

When is this form used?

If the buyer’s lender has not provided a Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs to the buyer, this form is required by Kansas and Missouri real estate law to be completed at the time the offer is written.

Now, on to the 2018 form changes….

Buyer’s Estimated Expense Worksheet

  1. Updated the form to accommodate a cash sale transaction. Blank lines for amounts in a cash sale are in bold type.
  2. Changed the Kansas Mortgage Tax Rate to the 2018 rate of $0.50 per thousand

Counter Offer Addendum

  1. In Paragraph 2, moved “The Purchase Price for the Property is:______” a few lines lower, under the checkboxes.
  2. In Paragraph 4, Closing and Possession; reworked the paragraph and separated the closing date from the possession date and modified the text for clarity.
  3. Changed spacing in Paragraph 5, 6, and 7 for more room for names of addendums.

Cyber Protection Notice

  1. This is a new optional form to alert both buyers and sellers to be aware of cyber fraud when wiring funds.

Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract

  1. Paragraph 3; added “(or date of last signature, whichever is later)”
  2. Brokerage Relationships Confirmation, Paragraph 8; removed option “Buyer consents to Subagency” from the list of relationship choices. (While subagency is legal, someone would not submit to subagency via a Buyer Agency Agreement.)
  3. Added Cyber Protection statement after Paragraph 15.

Exclusive Right to Sell Contract

  1. Lines 7-8; added “(or date of last signature, whichever is later)”
  2. Added Cyber Protection statement after Paragraph 12.

In Its Present Condition

  1. Moved the following text from the beginning of the form down below option #3: “It is understood by all parties that the sale of the Property in its present condition does not relieve the SELLER of the obligation to disclose all material facts of which SELLER has knowledge relating to the condition of the Property.”
  2. Added the following new text to the end of the form, above signature lines: “SELLER understands and agrees that the Property will be delivered to the BUYER in the same condition and state of repair as at the time of agreement and SELLER is still responsible to care for the Property through the Possession Date as outlined in the Condition, Maintenance and Inspections of the Property section of the Residential Real Estate Sale Contract.”

Inspection Notice

  1. Added the following text to Paragraph #1; “Property will be delivered to the BUYER in the same condition and state of repair as at the time of agreement and SELLER is still responsible to care for the Property through the Possession Date as outlined in the Condition, Maintenance and Inspections of the Property section of the Residential Real Estate Sale Contract.”
  2. Reworded acknowledgement statement and signature line at the bottom of the form when delivery of Notice is by person.

Kick-Out Notice/Notice of Backup Contract

  1. Line 8; changed “hours” to “days” to be consistent with the Contingency for Sale and / or Closing of Buyer’s Property Addendum form.

Multifamily Property Disclosure Rider

  1. This is a new form is for use as a rider to the Residential Seller’s Disclosure Addendum allowing the Seller to better disclose condition and attributes of each unit in multifamily properties.

Residential Real Estate Sale Contract

  1. Lines 1-2; reworded the text prompting for marital status and insertion of name of Seller.
  2. Added Cyber Protection statement at the end of Paragraph 3.
  3. Paragraph 8, Financial Terms; Added “Any other changes must be communicated to SELLER in writing and include a pre-approval letter.”
  4. Paragraph 15, Dispute Resolution; revised the paragraph to: 1) clarify that mediation is between two parties, not all parties/all licensees; 2) changed reference of the process from ‘mediation’ to ‘dispute resolution’; and 3) added the following text regarding payment for service: “Each party agrees to pay their equal share of any cost to use the services of a professional mediator, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.”
  5. Paragraph 24, Expiration; added “(five (5) days if left blank)”.

 Seller’s Disclosure Addendum – Residential

  1. Paragraph 9 (l); added PVC and Pex to the options for plumbing material.
  2. Paragraph 16; added space for name of trash service and added two “Other” lines.
  3. Paragraph 17; added ‘Shed’ and ‘Playset’ to the list of items.

Seller’s Disclosure Pool – Spa Rider

  1. This is a new Seller’s Disclosure Rider for properties that have a swimming pool or hot tub/spa.


2018 Design Trends from Max Wilker, Style Director

2018 Design Trends

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