What Did I Miss 10-11-16?

Tech Tip from Sean

Talent Attraction- Thanks to Denise Childers and Lorrie Eddins for helping set recent appointments! Our next Talent Attraction Event will be at Dave and Busters on March 8th from 4-7. Here are the agents that have already qualified to attend the event.

Lorrie Eddins

Kent Clodfelter

Heather Luce

Denise Childers

Kim Vanek


89% of U.S. Investors Interested in Putting Their Money into Real Estate



Facebook’s ‘Marketplace’ lets real estate agents post property listings

New Dashboard Coming!

Single Sign-on for all your Association and HMLS Needs

At Heartland MLS/KCRAR, we are committed to providing our members with everything they need to succeed. With that, we have exciting news that change is coming! We are excited to announce that we are launching the new Heartland MLS/KCRAR Dashboard this month.

This dashboard will be the new center of your work day, bringing a more modern, convenient way to access all of your applications. No worries, you will still easily log into the same MLS, we’re just upgrading! The new dashboard will benefit you and simplify your workflow. How?

– Access all your applications in one place! This includes all the HMLS/KCRAR membership benefits and third-party applications as well as quick links to industry sites.

-You only need one password to log into everything – one password to log into multiple applications.

-Stay tuned for more detailed information in the next couple of weeks. We can’t wait and hope you are exited too!


New Supra Key Lockbox Policy

Due to recommendations and suggestions from a number of concerned KCRAR Members, the KCRAR Board of Directors recently adopted an addition to the Supra Key Lockbox Policy. The new policy addition prohibits Members from using their Supra lockbox key to provide access to any listing in Heartland MLS to unlicensed individuals, such as buyers or home inspectors, without accompanying the unlicensed individuals at all times.

The new KCRAR Policy is in effect now and fines will be levied beginning January 1, 2017 for any reported violation of this policy.

This new policy will help protect home sellers and minimize unnecessary legal exposure for both listing and selling firms.

Click Here to Read the Full Policy.


Build a Business Tax Strategy with KCRAR

KCRAR will be offering a premium class for members who want to keep more of their income each year. Join us on Friday, October 28 for “Business Tax Strategies,” a free class tpresented by expert consultant and trainer Kelly Clark. Real estate taxes can be nuanced and detailed and, while a CPA can handle your taxes each quarter, they’re not involved in your business’s day-to-day decisions. This familiarity gulf can end up costing you dearly every year.

In this class, you’ll learn how to maximize your deductions for vehicle use, home offices and entertainment, in-depth information on… Click here to read the rest!


Thank you for attending the Facebook Back 2 Basics class this week.  I hope you found the class both interesting and informative.

Here’s the link to the class recording so you can review the great tips and suggestions Rebecca made.  Link: https://bhgre.webex.com/bhgre/lsr.php?RCID=0496fe61eb5347f07a4ad4c79ffeb008



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