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Showing Time/ My Home Sale

Wanted to give you an update. Our data guy worked with the Showing Time data people over the weekend and they have begun the process of back filling the data for showings that occurred after Showing Time took over CSS. Clients in My Home Sale may start receiving notifications of new showings that occurred during this time period so if a client asks about a new showing that occurred in the last 2-3 weeks, it’s just the data from Showing Time being added to their My Home Sale. While the full integration of that data is not completed, I anticipate that it should be fully completed in the next 5-7 days. We will send further updates as we receive them.

One other point of clarification, we will be receiving showing data every two hours, not every hour.

What are some key capabilities?

Daily Digest – Get a personalized briefing of listing activity and appointments, hear your Agent performance scorecard, or get top real estate headlines.

Listings – Access your listings by specific status (new, active, pending, expiring), get property details by address or MLS.

Market Intel – Powerful Realogy data about any city/zip coast-to-coast.

Calendar – Create an appointment, get meeting details, or lookup your schedule within a timeframe.

  • What are some of the things I can ask Agent X?
    Agent X answers many commands including but not limited to:
    “Start my day with Agent X”
    “Ask Agent X for listing details of 22 Maple St”
    “Get market intelligence for Biloxi, Mississippi using Agent X”
    “Ask Agent X what’s my schedule for next Wednesday”

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Dotloop Easy Offer FAQ

After clicking the Easy Offer link and I get into the folder, will the other agent be able to see the contract I’m working on, or will it only be visible after I share it with them?
         *Wanting to be sure if they add buyer expenses or buyer agency to the loop—the listing agent doesn’t have access to it.
The Listing agent will not have access to anything being worked on by the Buying Agent. The Listing Agent won’t even see the folder the Buying Agent is working from until a document from that folder is shared. This ensures that the Listing Agent doesn’t have an advantage by knowing Buying Agents are in the process of writing an offer.

Within the loop, if there’s multiple offers, will other buyer’s agents be able to see my name and buyer’s name in the people section, or will that only be visible to the listing agent?
The other Buying Agents will not be able to see any documents, people, or information regarding another Buying Agents offer. 

Does the listing agent get notified via email when I click on the Easy Offer link—or are they only notified when I share everything back with them?
The Listing will only be notified when the BUying Agent shares documents. This ensures that the Listing Agent doesn’t have an advantage by knowing Buying Agents are in the process of writing an offer.

Why is the assumption that the other agent doesn’t have/use dotloop when clicking an Easy Offer link? I think taking them to an overall ‘sign in here—and be sure you’re signed out of dotloop everywhere else” page would make more sense than the current prompt to create an account.
I’m not sure why this approach was taken but I assume some A/B testing took place and users preferred this experience. I’ll pass this along to the Dev Team though!The only other thing I’d note is that just like in all areas of dotloop, confidentiality and privacy is a #1 priority for dotloop. We mirrored our existing privacy permissions when it comes to the Easy Offer folder, meaning, nothing is ever shared with the other side unless the agent shares with the other side.

Jessica Thomas of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (@JThomasRealEstate) provided 1,700 socks for the homeless to celebrate her birthday! Watch her story about how meeting a homeless man challenged her to act.

Posted by Shelter KC: A Kansas City Rescue Mission on Thursday, October 31, 2019

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Christine & Kellie Will Take Socks

Lorrie Eddins Will Take the Following

Men and woman’s warm clothes, socks, gloves, hats, blankets, propane tanks, hot hand packets – don’t have to be new. Once their belongings get wet they have no way to dry them so they always need those things in winter.

Sarah Rupp Will Take the Following

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