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Charity Committee – we had our last meeting for 2017 last Friday and we are $167 shy of our total goal for $30,000 to build 2 tiny houses! I have shared with each committee member the total donated from each office. Now that we      have raised enough for 2 tiny homes – now what? We decided as a committee we would like to raise an additional $2,500 to have our own board in the VCP “board room” We hope to start a loose change jar campaign after the first of the year to accomplish this.

Website Agent Pages

You now have the capability to edit your agent page below is a quick tutorial video to walk you through how and where to change what you need. I recommend everyone to view their agent page and make sure all data from the old site came over correctly and you are being represented as best you can.

The login for your agent page can be found on KCH Agent – Marketing – Website
The username and password are the exact same as your KCH Agent login.

Agent Page Edit Tutorial from Jean Scoggins on Vimeo.



Exploring the BHGRE Print Marketing Center December 12 @ 12pm - 1pm         ONLINE

BHGRE’s print marketing center, powered by Xpressdocs, offers the tools you need to support BHGRE’s brand image, including personal marketing and buyer and seller materials. Join Matt Irwin from Xpressdocs in this monthly call-in class designed to help you optimize the BHGRE print marketing center


Get Zapped! Working Your Database December 12 @ 2pm - 3pm                           ONLINE

Want to boost your lead conversion rate? Use the amazing tools in Zap and you could see them jump sky high! Participants in this session will see how to use Follow-up Plans, Scripts, Welcome Letters, New Listing Alerts and the mobile CRM to transform relationships from leads to clients.

There are 2 easy ways to register for these Zap sessions:

1. Through the Greenhouse calendar, or

2. Through the Register for/Watch Get Zapped Series section in the ezZap area of Be Better University


Digital Marketing Center – Class 1   December 13 @ 1pm - 2pm                           ONLINE

In the Digital Marketing Center, you can create beautiful digital marketing pieces for email or web distribution, for listings or for your buyers. This class will cover the basics of how to use the Digital Marketing Center.

To enroll for a session, just visit the Training Calendar in the Greenhouse. Click here for directions on how to enroll for and launch a session.


Pop-By Ideas

 Item: Fortune Cookies Saying: Wishing you good fortune for the New Year

Item: Wrapping Paper Saying: Thank you for helping me wrap up a good year serving you

Item: Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Saying: Rolling by to say Merry Christmas


Send us your photos

We are getting ready to make our annual year end celebration video and want your photos. Send what you have to marketing@kansascityhomes.com.





Our new #MerryTraditions sweeps is here! Consumers can enter the sweepstakes on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to win a $500 gift card. Be sure to follow our consumer-facing social platforms including www.instagram.com/bhgrealestate and @bhgrealestate on Twitter to access relevant shareable content and encourage your clients to enter!

Note this sweepstakes is not open to affiliated BHGRE® agents and brokers.

Rules: http://bit.ly/2AlBtQA


BHGRE is giving away $1000/week in December to Agents who receive reviews!

Just receive a review on your Zap Website, post that review on Facebook, and tag All Things Real Estate BHGRE to be automatically entered. Two $500 prizes will be awarded each week! https://greenhouse.bhgre.com/content/BHGRE/en/content/marketing/public_relations_com/newsletters/Zap-Agent-Reviews-Contest.html


Happy Homeowner’s Reminder

Keep sending us your photos at closing of your new happy homeowner’s. Let us help you leverage over a 1,000 of our Facebook fans plus yours. Send your pics to marketing@kansascityhomes.com




BHG Licenser, Meredith Corp. Purchases Time Inc.

Meredith Corp. announced last Sunday that it is buying Time Inc. for about $1.8 billion, a deal CEO Stephen Lacy called “a transformative and financially compelling growth opportunity” that joins two giant magazine companies.

Meredith brings with it a magazine portfolio that includes Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, All Recipes and Shape, while Time Inc. owns properties including Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune and Entertainment Weekly. Read complete article.


2018 KCRAR standard contracts and forms

The 2018 KCRAR residential forms will be available on kcrar.com beginning Dec. 15. The KCRAR Forms Committee, chaired by Bryan Tobiason, reviewed many suggestions for form changes and the Forms Committee made revisions to 25 forms, although some were very minor. A document summarizing the form changes made from 2017 to 2018 will be posted on kcrar.com on Dec. 15.

There are three new forms added to the 2018 library of KCRAR forms. The Cyber Protection form, which was released earlier this year, is an optional form to alert buyers and sellers of the new threat of cyber theft via wiring instructions. The Multifamily Seller’s Disclosure Rider is now available for use in a sale of more than one residential unit.  The Pool-Spa Seller’s Disclosure Rider was created for properties with pools and spas.

Once the 2018 forms are released, it is recommended you discontinue use of the 2017 forms as soon as practical, or by Feb. 15, 2018 at the latest. All 2018 forms will display a 2018 copyright date at the bottom of the last page of each form.


What you need to know when marketing your listings

The National Association of REALTORS® has recently updated the Standards of Practice to make clear that members are prohibited from using misleading imagery in real estate marketing materials. The change reflects NAR’s position that as consumers increasingly rely on photos to assess properties and images that have been excessively altered or distorted can harm the credibility of the real estate industry and members. These can be alterations like displaying images of what a kitchen would look like if remodeled and photos shot using camera angles that distort room sizes to make them appear significantly larger.

With this change, it may be a good time to take a refresher on how to market your listings to not only follow NAR guideline, but also state and federal laws.

Advertising Under the Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act is in place to prevent any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, religion, sex, handicap, age or any other demographic. This means that when advertising a listing, it is against the Fair Housing Act to use words and phrases that indicate a specific demographic as being better or worse for a listing. These can include references to specific types of familial status, like saying “perfect for young couples.” To make it evident that the listing is available to anyone, regardless of demographic, “all advertising of residential real estate for sale, rent, or financing should contain an equal housing opportunity logotype, statement or slogan,” according to part 109 of the Fair Housing Act.

Kansas and Missouri Advertising Laws

Every advertisement in both Kansas and Missouri should include the name of the brokerage. Advertising rules apply to both traditional advertisements and the use of social media to advertise your business or listings. This also means that the images used on social media and online should be to the same standard as images used in print. Whoever is publishing photos should own the copyright to them, whether publishing in print or otherwise.

For more details, check out some of these resources:
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  • Authenticity
    of undisputed origin; genuine.
    “the letter is now accepted as an authentic document”
    synonyms: genuine, real, bona fide, true, veritable; More
legitimate, lawful, legal, valid;
informalthe real McCoy, the real thing, kosher
“an authentic document”
antonyms: fake
  • made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original.
    “the restaurant serves authentic Italian meals”
  • based on facts; accurate or reliable.
    “an authentic depiction of the situation”
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, authoritative, honest, faithful; More
    the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.
    “federal legislation now mandates the inclusion of students who are English language learners”
    the process of increasing in physical size.
    “the upward growth of plants”
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    “the growth of plants”
    the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
    “the award for excellence in engineering”
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