What Did I Miss? 2-26-18

How’s the Market

Clay/Ray Counties- Clay/Ray County sales were up for the month by 37.1% from 2017. Units were at 440 versus 321 last year. The average sales price for the month was up 19.5% from last year, with an average price of $214,556. New listings were up 61 units to 442 or 16.0% from last year’s 381 units. Inventory is down 6.1% from last year and is running at 956 units.

Platte County- Platte County sales for the month were up 27.0% or 38 units from 2017. Units were at 179 versus 141 last year. The average sales price for the month was down 3.6% over last year, with an average price of $236,515. New listings in Platte County were up 50 units to 206, up 32.1% from last year’s 156 units. Inventory increased 5.0% from last year and is running at 568 units.

Heartland- Sales for the entire Heartland area were at 2,830, up 15.7% or 383 units. The average price was up 9.2%, and averaging $231,089. New listings were up from prior year by 239 units to 3,017. Inventory is down 10.4% from last year and is running at 7,275 units.


Exciting Changes Ahead!!!!

2018 is going to be a year of change for BHGKC. I am elated to see all the positive things happening in the first quarter. This is just the beginning of what to expect throughout the year.


  • Registration opens tomorrow for Kansas City Homes agents.  Exclusive registration available until March 16
  • Marketing will send the registration link to you by 9:00 tomorrow to share with your agents
  • The link will also be posted on KCH Agent

Watch for your invite and let me know if there is an agent from another company that you would like to bring as a guest.


Engage- Unleash Your Potential

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new training program! There are many jump start opportunities for new agents but we are very excited that there are many classes geared to seasoned agents taking their business to the next level. Feel free to take a look at KCHAgent for a list of classes and description in the coming days.



Calling All Vendors

Don’t forget to get any vendors that you would like to add to our list to Kristi by Friday morning. We are working on a few things to improve our referral system. More to come!


Printime Royals Schedules

The new 2018 Royals Baseball Schedule postcards are now available for March mailing to your client list! If you would like to participate in this mailing simply  email John Steib JSteib@printtime.com saying “Send me a proof”.  Mailing will begin Monday, March 5.  Available with magnets for $0.89 each or without magnets for $0.67 each (please specify).

Wire Fraud

Murray Davis deserves a commendation!  He recognized an attempted fraud on a coop Agent’s client and responded swiftly and appropriately to prevent the wire of $80,000 in buyer funds that would have most likely been lost, affecting both the Buyer and Seller and their families as well as both Agents and Real Estate companies.    Murray received a communication from the coop Agent that advised their client to “cancel their Cashier’s check and send a wire according to the attached Wire Instruction”.   Murray recognized the fraud from the Risk Management seminar, called to verify that it was Fraud, quickly alerted the Coop Agent who was not educated on the possibility, not to follow the instruction in the email.  Murray is an exemplary Agent and an example for all of the rest of us.  We truly appreciate his diligence,  care and concern for all involved.


St. Patricks Day Parade

Time is fast approaching for our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade participation. This year we are ordering a limited # of shirts, in all sizes, for parade participants. We are going to place our order on Wednesday, 2/28/18.

If you wish to reserve a shirt, please respond to this e-mail with your size. The shirts will be white and green, and the graphics will reflect this year’s theme  The  Pipes are Calling: a celebration of Irish Music”

Shirts will be cotton, short sleeve only. The cost of the shirt will include a donation to Harvester’s again this year. They will be delivered on or before March 8.

The number of shirts will be limited, so please reserve your shirt and size  before 10 a.m. Wednesday Feb. 28, 2018. We do not have a price, but it will be under $20 and include a donation to Harvester’s. 

Sorry for the late notice.

St. Patrick

May the Luck of the Irish Be With You!!


From the Brand


The Personalized BHG Magazine Gift Subscriptions with The Loyalty LabelTM,  is devoted to client retention and loyalty for repeat business and referrals. It is a powerful marketing tool preferred by business professionals and has been found to be effective, affordable, and easy to use, since 2001.

“Each issue sent to a doctor’s office, car dealership, spa/salon, etc., is read by an average of 600 readers per month.”*
* FMA Seminar, Verified Public Place Circulation

Send a popular brand magazine to your client with your Loyalty Label on the front cover of every issue displaying your contact information, logo and a personal message.  Stay “top-of-mind” all year long for repeat business and referrals! An announcement postcard is sent on your behalf to announce your gift subscription.


Up to 13 “touchpoints” annually. ITS CHEAPER THAN SENDING A POSTCARD!

No minimums and no setup fees.

The following label is now available for the following magazines:



Would you like to add a headshot to your loyalty label but not sure how? If you do not have access to Dash to upload a headshot, the office manager must provide agent(s) with “Sales Agent read only Dash” security role, or the office manager may upload a photo on behalf of the agent. Please call BHG Customer Support at 866.616.4244 for further assistance. Please allow 1-2 business days for your headshot to populate on the label.

Team label is also available!


Social Media

The social media section in The Greenhouse contains valuable information on how to enhance your online presence. Download “The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social” to learn how other real estate professionals are gaining business on social media or download a Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate 10th Anniversary cover photo to celebrate this milestone year for BHGRE®. Featuring customizable templates, great learning information, and sample posts, the social media section has everything you need to boost your online efforts and expand your social media network!



Great news! Zap is finally recognizing teamwork by introducing team functionality on their websites. What does this mean? Plenty!
Teams in your office can now:

  • Create a personalized team website to showcase the unique value each team member has to offer
  • Include all the positive reviews each team members receives
  • Effortlessly reassign leads to team members within Zap
  • More exciting features are coming soon…

How to get started

All teams in your office that are currently in Dash, will have the new functionality ready and waiting for them. Instruct your team leaders to check out the new team website by clicking “My Team” in the left navigation panel of their ZAP dashboard. To begin customizing their team site, they just need to add a team statement and upload a team photo.

Finally, a Knowledge Base article is available answer any additional questions your teams may have about working with this new Zap team website:


New ZAP App has also launched


Zap Updates: Teams, mobile Zap, and four major requests, delivered! Our love for our users knows no bounds. So we sort of piled on the features for this Valentine’s release. Whether you’re an agent, broker, or a member of a real estate team, we think you’ll find something to love in this product update.

Meet your better, faster, stronger mobile Zap app. Are you using Zap’s mobile app to take your business on the go? Well, you’re in for a special Valentine’s Day treat: a redesigned, highly-improved mobile Zap app, built for your device! It’s easier to use. It’s built to fully leverage your iPhone or Android’s features. It comes with push notifications when you receive new leads and showing requests. And, it’s finally optimized for iPad!

Expect to see this new update available for your device on Wednesday, February 14th—it’s our special way of showing you how much you mean to us! Zap now supports teams! It’s no secret that real estate agent teams are thriving and here to stay. Teams are integral to how many agents succeed and serve their clients—and your success is our success. So after months of research, development, and testing we’re excited to offer support for teams!

If you’re a member or a leader of a team, you can now enjoy:

A personalized team website

The ability to add and reassign team leads

Customizable permissions for team members

And we’ve got more in the works—including team functionality on the mobile app! We couldn’t have developed this without the incredibly valuable input of the actual real estate teams who worked with our Emeryville team. And we’re excited to offer this solution to every team on Zap! Unique, shareable search URLs It was the number 3 request on the Zap Community, and now it’s here! You wanted to search on your website, and create a link that you could send to consumers with those exact search results. You’ve got it! Now, when you search on your website, just copy the URL from your browser, and attach this string to the end, replacing “login” with the email address you use to login to Zap:


From the Association

CRS Designation Class to be Held in March

Members will have the opportunity to attend a CRS designation class in the KCRAR classroom on March 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The class, called Zero to 60 Home Sales a Year (and Beyond), will teach members strategies for creating plans to achieve their sales goals.

The goals of this course are for members to be able to develop effective plans to sell 60 or more homes a year, create continuous streams of referrals and build an effective team to support their plans. It will also cover new methods for marketing and techniques to help members position themselves as REALTORS® of choice in their market areas.

This one-day course will offer eight CRS Education course credits toward the CRS Designation and eight Kansas CE credits upon completion. The course will be available to members for $119 and to non-members for $139. Register on KCRAR.com


What’s Up With FB?



ABC’s of Lead Generation





Facebook    –>Facebook Friends (Use it wisely)    —>


Get creative

Gifts –(be creative and unique)


Happy Hour

Home Buyer Seminar

Hand Written Notes

Happy Birthday on FB


Lets Talk Farming

Back to basics.



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