What Did I Miss? 2-26-19

St. Patricks Day Parade


Brookside Parade is 3/16 & KC Parade is 3/17

How do you win the Playhouse?

For every dollar donated to Harvester’s “Go for the Green” campaign, one entry in given for the playhouse raffles. Agents, brokers and employees of BHGRE are not eligible to win, however they can donate on behalf of someone else.

T-Shirts are available for order


Please complete the form that was emailed to you if you would like to order a t-shirt.

Coming Soon…

Link to donate to Havesters and email campaign to send to your COI in Home Suite

Want to help? Send an email to Parade@KansasCityHomes.com

Postcards are available to send to your COI


E-mail John Steib at Print Time, jsteib@PrintTime.com and let him know the quantity or postcards and what phone number you want listed on the front. He will invoice you directly.

Home Suite Training


Sign up on the training calendar to reserve your spot

Classes are capped at 20 to provide a workshop style learning. You will leave class with tasks completed.

Feb. 28 Home Suite 201 1-3 pm Corporate

March 1 Home Suite 101 10-Noon Northland

March 1 Home Suite 201 1-3 pm Northland

March 18 Home Suite 101 10-Noon Plaza

March 25 Home Suite 201 1-3 pm Corporate

Engage Training


ENGAGE: Not All CMA’s are Created Equal! | March 1 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Not All CMA’s are Created Equal! From creation to presentation, you’ll learn about the differences in the CMA platforms that we have access to (Matrix, CloudCMA, RPR and REALIST). In addition, learn how to pull together a compelling CMA that will impress your clients and garner more listings. Instructor: Christian Zarif

ENGAGE: New Homes: How to Navigate the New Construction Sales Process

March 4 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

New Homes: How to Navigate the New Construction Sales Process Brush up on the ever-changing new homes sales process. From forging a good working relationship with the new sales agents, navigating new home/builder contracts, managing client expectations throughout the building process and avoiding pitfalls. Instructor: Janet Rao

ENGAGE: Organize Your Business Like a Boss | March 4 @ 1 pm – 3 pm

Are you operating your real estate career as a business or a job? Do you want to run a more organized business but don’t know where to start? Topics will include how to set up and utilize the G Suite platform to save you precious time. Then we’ll dive into tips and tricks in Dotloop to achieve a more streamlined and organized approach. Takeaways include time saving templated checklists and apps to better organize the backend of your business, so you can spend more time on the frontend. Instructor: Christian Zarif

GMail Tricks-

Thanks to Christian for the following tips!


Watch this video for the above and more (including tips of how/where to deploy these:







Here is a video that shows how to save and use Canned Responses


Save Your Loops


Did you know there is updated integration from Dotloop to G-Suite?


Matrix Changes


Home Suite-

1- Can you set up a search for a client?

2- Can you print your profile page?

3- Can you share your app?


Integrations with Home Suite are available for the following tools-

1- Dotloop

2- Inside sales vendor

3- BombBomb

4- Happy Grasshopper

5- Zillow


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