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Updated Presentations- Canva Templates

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New Training Videos on ViBHGeniusKCH.com

Message From David

MHC Going Away

Calling All Parade Goers

Distinctive Collection

  • In an effort to make all the DC assets easier to access, I have loaded those into one folder on Google Drive. Those are housed on a Distinctive Collection page on the BHGenius website and can be found here: DISTINCTIVE COLLECTION ASSETS. I am working on additional materials to include in that folder so check back for updates. 
    • You will need to download the assets or make a copy to your drive to customize/edit. If you aren’t sure how to do that, I will have a how-to video posted on that page by tomorrow morning.
    • If you click the link and don’t see the list of assets, you likely aren’t logged into Google with your KansasCityHomes.com account. These links are set up with permission levels and you must be logged in to view. 

Coming Soon/ Pre-MLS/ Waivers


Sellers Estimated Proceeds

A request was brought to the Tech Committee to separate out the Listing/Selling Commission line on the Seller’s Estimated Proceeds form. The agent’s reasoning was based on the fact that it appeared to be a huge number, especially on higher end homes

Showing Time

An agent was saying that when she used to send a listing announcement from CSS, that announcement went to everyone that had shown the property AND everyone that was scheduled to show the property. Showing Time only allows the announcement to be delivered to agents that have already shown. If she uses Home Sale and sends the Listing Announcement out, will it also only go to agents that have shown or will it go to everyone that has scheduled, past and future?
The answer is that Home Suite will send to ALL agents, so they’re better off using My Home Sale in Home Suite if they’re a heavy user of this feature.

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