What Did I Miss 3-14-17

KC Market Stats

How is the Kansas City Real Estate Market?



Are you registered? March 30th After Recharge, be sure to visit Spectators Gastro-Pub in the Sheraton Crown Center from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. for YPN’s Recharge Recap. Share your top takeaways from the event, as well as your tips and best practices, and stay involved with the innovators in your industry long  after the stage lights have faded. Click here to register.

RPAC Bracket Challenge

Deadline is today!

March Training

Training Opportunities in March at BHGKC Corporate Office located at 8300 College Blvd in OPKS.

3-16  9AM  Condo and Loft Sales

3-16   10:30 AM Selling Older Homes



Print Time

Is now offering customized notecards with your name and logo on the front of the card. The notecards can be found under Marketing Materials on your print time website.



Zap Tips

Logging into Zap


Username: first.last@bhgrealestate.com [all lower case]

Password: your greenhouse password

To learn what to do with your contact now that they are in zap watch the video below



Zap Questions

Technology and marketing has been working as quickly as they can to resolve any issues with Zap. Please continue to send your questions to the community board which can be found on the left side of Zap. This will be the best way to get your concerns addressed. If you have a common issue within your office have more than one person post, this will escalate the concern within Zap.

If you have a company related questions, please email zaphelp@kansascityhomes.com

What is happening to MyHome Search, Sale, Watch, Compare

The E-Vantage programs will continue to run parallel with our new site. We know that switching platforms is no easy task and there is a lot of training, testing, and work involved getting your contacts up and running. We will continue to support each platform. We do suggest that you start putting your new contacts in Zap and let your old contacts within Evantage cycle through.


Why is my search I set up for my client not showing up?

In the Zap platform when you go in and sign in as your contact you are able to recommend a search for them.

Log on to Zap – click on your clients name – click the more tab – click sign in as client – start searching  – click the green recommend button.

This will send an email to your contact and recommend the search for them. If they like what they see they can save the search. I suggest in the body of the email explaining to your contact the following:

Please look at the search I have recommended I believe this will fit your needs based on our discussion. If you like the search please click the green save button on the top of the search and it will appear in your account under saved searches. Happy looking and we will talk soon.


Syndication to Zillow

Technology has sent the requirement to Zillow to start syndicating from our site. The process started a few days ago, and we should start to see the zestimates appear on each listing. This means you will no longer have to manually enter your listing to Zillow which after May 1 would not be an option since Zillow has announced they are turning that feature off.


Now that we have a new way to search when will marketing be announcing it?

Early May after bugs are worked out with the new site and agents are trained and comfortable with the new site we will transfer the KansasCityHomes.com url to our new site. The old site will remain live with a new url. During this time, we have 3 billboards we have purchased around the downtown area, KC Star ads and articles, and Full page ad in Spaces magazine with online ads on kansascity.com and kcspaces.com. And as always, we will continue our online ads through keyword search and behavioral and retargeting SEM [search engine marketing].


Tips and Tricks

With any new product, it is best to click and explore all areas. Take a few minutes and go onto our site www.betterhomeskc.com and use it as a consumer – click around, save searches, save homes, set up a proximity search, use the mapping tool. It is important to understand how your clients are seeing your listings and how they are interacting with the new search tools.

Success on Facebook

The Ultimate Real Estate Facebook Marketing Playbook Curaytor – Help, Not Hype


Company Recognition Trip

Look who has qualified for the trip!


KCRAR Affiliate Inspectors

Starting Soon This Month

Centralized Showing Service (CSS) has teamed up with KCRAR and Heartland MLS to add more convenience to you and home inspectors.

When a home inspector or a selling agent wants to schedule an inspection, a call to CSS or visit to showings.com is made with the date and time request. CSS verifies the appointment time and date with the seller, informs the listing agent and confirms with the inspector.

There is not a $500 Fine for allowing unattended access to approved KCRAR Affiliate Members with an E-Key.

This will make Radon Set and Pickup A Breeze For Everyone!

Details here.


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