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The above is one of Valeries favorite slides from Wednesday’s event with Chris Smith. We often forget how excited we were when we bought/sold our first or even our second of third home. It is important to always have enthusiasm in sales – bring your confidence with you wherever you go and remember if they can’t see your enthusiasm make sure they can hear it in your voice.

Upcoming Training

Facebook Classes

Interested in learning more about your business page insights – when are you followers online, best times to post, how and when to boost your posts. Facebook is full of data and it is essential to leverage that data into more leads. If you are interested in small group classes email marketing@kansascityhomes.com

Facebook tip of the week: If you haven’t done so already post one of the following questions to Facebook this week:

  1. What year did you buy your first home?
  2. How old were you when you bought your first home?


ENGAGE: Succeed Through Sellers | April 9 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Instructor: Lisa Ruben, Agent, College Boulevard Office

The Name of the Game is Listings!  This session focuses on pre-qualifying the seller, the pre-listing packet and Seller Listing Presentation, along with how to market the listing and service the sellers from contract to close, ensuring clients for life!

RSVP here

Code of Ethics CE | April 12 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

3 elective hours in KS and MO

NAR requirement | Instructor: Fran Cashion


ENGAGE: KCH Agent/eVantage Suite | April 13 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Instructor: Valerie Rolfes, Director of Marketing and Communications

Learn how to unleash our custom agent marketing tools!  This session will explain the real estate life cycle and how eVantage can help your clients through My Home Compare, My Home Watch, My Home Sale and My Home Search.  Learn how to create custom buyer and seller books, leverage our print marketing/Tell 25 program, customize your agent webpage and more.

RSVP here

ENGAGE: Get New Business NOW | April 13 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Instructor: Steve Moyer, Broker, Leawood Office

Become a Top Producer at Top Speed.  This session will focus on building the skills you need to make contacts and fill your database with leads, through tried and tested lead generation sources that are proven to get NEW business NOW.  We will focus on five key sources:

1.Sphere of Influence

2.FSBOs and Expireds

3.Open Houses


5.Social Media

RSVP here


Canva – Creating Professional Looking Images on Social Media

Canva is a free online tool and app that can make any social media image look professionally produced. I did the following design in less than 5 minutes by selecting a free background, changing the text to say open house, changing the background to a house by uploading my own photo and adding the company logo. Check it out here



POP BY Ideas

Item: EXTRA brand gum                                                      Saying: I am EXTRA grateful for your referrals

Item: graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows          Saying: Do you have s’more real estate needs?

Item: Bottle of Aloe Vera                                                      Saying: I will Aloe be here to help with your real estate needs


Interactive Training Coming Soon!

Registration open until April 11! BHGRE® Product Training is offering interactive classes in some of our most popular tools.  See how you can get in on this training.


Want to learn more about the tools found in the Greenhouse? The BHGRE Operations Engagement group has a new option for you. Work with the tools with us live on WebEx.

Each month we’ll choose a new brand tool that we’ll offer in a guided practive. Whether it be creating a listing flyer or newsletter in the Digital Marketing Center, a targeted postcard in PinPoint, or a personalized magazine subescription for a client, you’ll be an active participant and have something at the end of the session that you can use to grow your business.

Look for these classes to begin in April and continue for the next six months. All those who register will get instructions on what they’ll need for the class, like pictures or listings, to complete the activity.

Registration for this class will be limited and closed a few days before the class, so people can prepare. Make sure you register early!

We’ll start in April with two classes in creating a flyer in the Digital Marketing Center and creating a campaign in the Digital Marketing Center. Look in the Learning Calendar area of the Greenhouse for classes starting with Interacitve Training and join us each month to be creative!

Have any questions? Contact us at product.learning@bhgrealestate.com


Are You Utilizing the New Assets for Distinctive Collection?



It has been a few months since the relaunch of Distinctive Collection. Enhanced with new materials, channels, and tools to help you grow your business in the luxury space- there are many marketing opportunities you should take advantage of! Be sure to click here to watch a short video from our Senior Marketing Manager, Tara Parker to see what new offerings are now available!

Don’t forget to check out the brands latest luxury ads- featuring listings from across our network, in the following magazines!

–       April issue of Unique Homes, on newsstands now.

–       Spring issue of Decor on sale 4/10.

–       May issue of Town & Country on sale 4/10.


New ‘End Of Showing Notification’ Feature Now Available In Supra System


KCRAR Members with Supra eKeys can now offer end of showing notifications to sellers.

With this update,your agents with eKeys can set up notifications for their sellers, and now showings by agents who have an eKey will automatically notify the seller when the showing has ended. When the showing agent opens the iBox, his or her eKey will capture the GPS coordinates so when the showing agent exits a 1,000 foot radius of the iBox, an end of showing notification will be sent.

End of showing is also detected when the iBox is opened by another eKey, when the showing agent’s eKey opens a different iBox, when the showing agent taps “yes” when an “End showing?” message appears on the showing agent’s eKey, or if an hour has passed from the time the iBox was opened.

Because the eKey captures GPS information when the lockbox shackle is opened, the new “auto assign” feature will also allow agents to easily match the iBox with the property. Listing agents can do this by selecting “Adding on a new listing” when the eKey prompts the agent to select a reason for opening the shackle of the iBox. If the listing is in Heartland MLS, the full property address and MLS listing number will automatically be matched with the iBox location. If the listing isn’t in MLS yet, SupraWeb will continue to seek a match daily for the next 30 days.

The showing notifications may also be activated to notify when a showing begins. These notifications can be sent to as many as five individuals, including the listing agent, if desired, and can help gauge buyers’ interest with information on the showing duration, automatically notify homeowners when someone has been in their home, monitor activity at vacant homes and generally improve communication.

For some sellers, one significant inconvenience is vacating their home during the duration of the showing appointment time block. Now that your agents can set up sellers to receive a text message when the showing has ended, often they will be able to return home earlier.

Recently, with the reduction of the cost of monthly eKey service, more KCRAR members have turned in their old DisplayKeys and now use the eKey. Now that 80 percent of KCRAR Members subscribe to an eKey, KCRAR was able to activate showing notifications in the area.

Please note, showing agents with DisplayKeys will not activate a notification since DisplayKeys do not have GPS functionality and they do not communicate with SupraWeb until they are returned to their cradle.

Below are links to information that you can share during your office sales meetings and also learn how to match your iBoxes to the listings and activate notifications.

New Feature Details

Informational Video

Slides for Sales Meeting


Listen to audio of suspicious caller ‘Dwayne Bergeman,’ who’s prompted Realtor safety alerts

An agent in Minnesota has provided Inman with recordings of messages left for her in late March. Similar calls have prompted local Realtor associations across the country to issue safety alert
byJotham ​Sederstrom  Staff Writer  Apr 2

Congrats on remaining the #2 real estate company in KC!

Email that you get when someone using your link requests more information.

Hello Kristi Ferrara,

Kristine Ferrara looked up a home value on Alexa

*             name: Kristine Ferrara

*             Phone: (816) 215-5079

*             Email: kristiferrara@gmail.com

*             Address: 10429 north landing avenue

*             Zip: 64156

*             Do they want to be contacted? yes

*             Did they recieve an estimate? no

*             Estimate given? N/A

Powered by Voiceter Pro LLC

Hello Kristi,


Someone searched for a house in your area on Kansas City Homes for Alexa

  • Client: Kristine Ferrara
  • Phone: (816) 215-5079
  • Email: kristiferrara@gmail.com
  • Search Type: Residential
  • Location: 64154
  • Location Type: zip code
  • Price Range: 233750 –      275000
  • Bedrooms: 4 –

Here is a link to their search.
Powered by Voiceter Pro LLC


Did you miss ExPlode?

Get the recap here!

National Association of REALTORS log change





BHG KC announced the launch of voice technology searching and property values on Alexa and Google Voice devices.

We are so excited to bring this to KC!





Setting up your Voiceter Agent Profile


Follow these three steps to set up your Dot, Voiceter agent account, and your “test” customer account:

Step 1—setting up your Alexa Dot

If you already have an Amazon account, use the email address associated with that account to set up your Dot.  If you do not have an Amazon account, use a personal email address to create an Amazon account.  Connect the Dot to Wifi and download the Amazon Alexa APP to your phone.

Step 2—set up your VoiceterPro Marketing account

This account is your agent/Broker account.  Set it up by going to www.voiceterpromarketing.com.  Follow the directions on the screen to create an account.  Use your @kansascityhomes.com email address. Once the account is created, fill in the profile picture, first and last name, phone number, and a short bio.

Step 3—set up a customer account connected to YOUR VoiceterPro Marketing account

Use the share the link feature to set up a consumer account.  Use the email in your Amazon account to create your VoiceterPro Marketing customer account.  Follow the prompts on the screen to complete registration.  Don’t forget the last step in setting up the account is to enable the skill.  Instructions are provided through the customer registration process on how to enable the skill.

Purchase customized skins for the Echo that are branded with your information by emailing marketing@kansascityhomes.com.




What Did Chris Smith Have to Say?

You will get the notes that go with the following slides in your email. If you are not an agent with the BHG North office, contact Kristi Ferrara at kferrara@kansascityhomes.com to get a copy.


c2s cs cs3 cs4

Hands On Training in the Yard- Bring Your Device!

Thursday April 19th at 10:30-  Landing Pages, FB Insights, How to Post a Listing on FB, FB Target Audiences

Thursday May 3rd at 10:30- Canva



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