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The March numbers are in.

A Note From Dan

Hello all,

I wanted to thank you for any & all help that you did to promote & participate in this year’s St. Patrick’s day parade.

For the 5th year in a row BH&G R.E. Kansas City Homes won the “Go for the Green” food drive for Harvesters by raising 10,000 meals!!!  Also, the playhouse was won by a previous client of one of our Plaza agents.  This week or next this family with 3 young children will be picking up the playhouse and placing it on its foundation in Prairie Village.  Pictures to follow.

It was great to see everyone in their BH&G RE green shirts.  Thanks again.

Dan Sweeney


You Did It Again!



CSS Inspection Update

Starting Now CSS Needs You to OPT-IN On All Of Your Listings

To Allow CSS to Schedule Inspections, Radon Drops / Sets

Centralized Showing Service (CSS) has teamed up with KCRAR and Heartland MLS to add more convenience to you and home inspectors.

When a home inspector or a selling agent wants to schedule an inspection, a call to CSS or visit to showings.com is made with the date and time request. CSS verifies the appointment time and date with the seller, informs the listing agent and confirms with the inspector.

Your KCRAR Association Dues Are Paying For This Service

Get Your Monies Worth & Use CSS To Do Your Dirty Work

There is not a $500 Fine for allowing unattended access to approved KCRAR Affiliate Members with an E-Key.

So what do I Need To Do???

Right Now –  You Need To:

Login to CSS and Check the option to allow CSS to schedule inspections

Know Your CBS Codes and Give them to CSS

This needs to happen on all of your current listings and future listings

 When a listing agent chooses to add the CBS lockbox code to the listing showing instructions in the CSS showing set-up, the CBS code is not displayed anywhere but is relayed by CSS to the inspector only after an appointment is confirmed with the seller.  ( Read More From KCRAR )

Have Listings?  Give The CBS Codes To CSS and Make Your Life Easier

Learn How To Quickly Find Your CBS Codes & 

Program All of Your I-Boxes to Have The Same Code

Click Here To Watch The Short Step By Step CBS Code Video

Zillow Video Walkthrough Tour

April Training BHGKC Corporate Office 8300 College Blvd.


Benefits to Realtors

Zillow has introduced the ability to add Video Walkthroughs to a listing. It’s a short, two-minute featured video taking the buyer on a tour of the home. These videos are received very well by Realtors around the country and have become wildly popular with potential buyers. To keep this trajectory Zillow is investing in the Realtors who have these short videos created by showcasing their listings.  Here are some of the specific benefits:

  • Listings with Zillow Video Walkthroughs show up in organic zip code searches as top-ranked houses.  This means listings with videos are displayed in the first and second position.
  • Listings older than 60 or 90 days can be refreshed with a Video Walkthrough and instantly return to competitive rankings.
  • Potential buyers are 300% more likely to view your listing on Zillow.
  • Walkthrough videos can be moved from Zillow to be placed in unbranded MLS listings or on your website


Upcoming learning opportunities at BHGKC Corporate Office 8300 College Blvd

4/14/2017 9:00-12:00 Orientation Corporate Orientation
4/19/2017 1:00-4:00 CE Corporate Surefire Buyer Strategies
4/20/2017 9:00-12:00 Third Thursday Corporate New Homes Field Trip –   Janet Rao


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