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KCRAR Roadshow Teaches How to be a Paperless REALTOR®

KCRAR is going back on the road with a new KCRAR Roadshow in May. “Navigating to a Paperless Workflow” will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 30 at the Kansas City Police Academy; 6885 N.E. Pleasant Valley Road, KCMO 64119.

Join instructor and KCRAR Director of Emerging Technologies Michael Pierce for this 90-minute seminar which will teach you to become a savvy, “paperless REALTOR®.”  Learn the differences between the more popular programs available, along with a “how to” introduction on the basics and an overview of various products and processes.

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New BHGRE Millennial Survey Findings – Last month, Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate commissioned a national survey of 18-35 year- old Americans, revealing that the next generation of homebuyers is rewriting the rules of homeownership and home maintenance.  These survey findings build upon the Gen X/Gen Y survey the brand published in the fall of 2012 and further positions Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate as a thought leader in understanding the needs and mindset of current and future consumers. To follow is a fact sheet with the most interesting statistics to use as a reference guide for your clients.

2013 Millennial Survey Fact Sheet


Check out this article on Mashable about hot gadgets for the home, or this article from the Electronic House to see some of the technology that is now available for the home. Here is a video that shows you how a home is controlled from a central keypad.

We currently have a Control 4 system in one of our homes that is under contract. The system was done by a local provider Applause Custom Sight and Sound.


Are you using the Hotsheet on KCHagent.com? Check out The Hotsheet that is located on the left column of the kchagent.com website.  You can view new listings, auctions, price changes, buyer needs and open house opportunities.  You can see these for the past day, week, two weeks or month.

POD COORDINATOR- Our office is now providing A-La-Carte Assistant Services on a pay-as-you-go basis!

Ashley Ollier is our new P.O.D. Coordinator.  The first question out of everyone’s mouth is, what does P.O.D. stand for?  Here’s a quick economics lesson:  Point Of Difference.  Wikipedia states that in economic terms, “Differentiation is the positive way in which a company’s product [or in our case- service] differs from its competitors.  Points of Difference (PODs) describe the individual factors of differentiation.”  Her role is to help you achieve a competitive advantage over other agents by picking up any of the “individual factors” you lack or struggle with in your business, all on an “a la carte”, pay-as-you-go basis.  Some of these “factors” include:

  • Contract compliance
  • Contract-to-Close Services
  • Marketing
  • Social & Web Presence
  • COI Management
  • And more!

So basically, she offers the luxury of a personal assistant without the full-time price. We have mentioned in the past that when building a real estate team the first person you should hire is someone to take care of the administrative details.  By having Ashley assist you with your marketing or file compliance, you are able to focus on income producing activities. Keep in mind that Ashley is a very talented graphic designer and she is not limited to performing only the things on her price sheet. If you have a vision of a system you would like to implement to make your daily life easier, or a custom marketing campaign, she is able to brainstorm with you to bring your vision to life.

In a recent #WaterCooler email from Chris Smith, Chris laid out The 7 Traits of a Top Producer. Here are a couple of the traits on his list.

1. Top Producer’s are consistent – What are the two or three things that you know make you money? Top Producer’s are acutely aware of these things and do them consistently. Not consistently for a day, week or month, consistently for a career.

3. Top Producer’s use systems – Top Producers want any color they can have, as long as it’s black. Whether it’s  lead intake forms, a listing presentation template or a team text message communication tool, Top Producer’s use systems obsessively.

6. Top Producer’s know their value – Act your wage. Top Producer’s are so keenly aware of what they earn per hour. Tasks that fall below that threshold are automated, outsourced or delegated. We don’t meet many without an amazing admin. David shared this week that his production doubled the year he hired his first assistant!

We have created this new position for Ashley so you are able to increase your business by implementing systems and outsourcing the time-stealers, with an ultimate goal of having more consistency in your business (and life!).  Consistent actions equal consistent income for you as an agent. I look forward to sharing your success stories in the future!

With Ashley in her new role, all contracts, listings, and paperwork need to be emailed to nlrec@kansascityhomes.com from now on.  NLREC stands for NorthLandRECeptionist, to help you remember.  The email address is also in the global address book under Northland Receptionist.

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