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Seeds of Success – Session 7                        July 25 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm                       ONLINE

Are you a brand new associate to the business? Are you an experienced associate looking to elevate your business? Seeds of Success is an activity and business building learning series designed to kick start your business.


Get Zapped! Zap Seller Tools                        July 25 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm                          ONLINE

Want to use the tools in Zap to help win more listings and provide better service to sellers? Join in this session to see how add Zap into your seller conversations with the Zap Pricing Tools and Watched Home Updates. Observe how to add seller scripts and create Follow-up Plans to help you stay connected to potential sellers. You’ll want to log into Zap to try out these tools.


Expect Better: Powerful Profiles                   July 26 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm                       ONLINE

As part of the Expect Better series, you’ll see how to enhance your online presence with technology and your story. Join Amy Chorew and Colin Hull as they walk you through how to enhance social profiles that help your search engine optimization, attract clients and keep you top of mind.

Listing and Buyer Presentation

Two new pages have been added to the buyer and seller books to introduce our 2017 charity. Please use which ever page fits your needs. Samples below. The first page is if you are wanting to ask your clients for donations. The second page is if you simply want to share with your clients what you are doing or if you happen to be donating on their behalf.


Technology will be performing website maintenance on Tuesday, July 25 from 10pm – 2am. Please make arrangements beforehand if you are needing to use any of the following.

  • Public      website – www.kansascityhomes.com
  • Mobile      Site
  • Evantage      Programs
    • MyHome       Sale
    • MyHome       Search
    • MyHome       Compare
    • MyHome       Watch
  • KCH      Agent
  • Forms


Email will NOT be affected neither will your Zap site.



We Need A COMPLETE Sales Worksheet Please!

Clay/Ray Counties

Clay/Ray County sales were up for the month by 5.8% from 2016. Units were at 550 versus 520 last year. Year to date, unit sales are down 3.1%, with 3,048 units this year versus 3,144 last year.

The average sales price for the month was up 7.0% from last year, with an average price of $209,010. Year to date, the average price is up 5.9%. The average price is $198,302, versus $187,250 last year.

New listings were up 63 units to 688 or 10.1% from last year’s 625 units. Inventory is down 10.8% from last year and is running at 1,214 units. Inventory is up 88 units from last month.

Platte County

Platte County sales were down for the month by 13.0% from 2016. Units were at 235 versus 270 last year. Year to date, unit sales are down 4.9%, with 1,334 units this year versus 1,402 last year.

The average sales price for the month was up 4.4% from last year, with an average price of $252,307. Year to date, the average price is up 4.4% from last year. The average price is $247,401 versus $236,879 last year.

New listings in Platte County were up 10 units to 344, up 6.2% from last year’s 324 units. Inventory decreased 14.9% from last year and is running at 659 units. Inventory is up 31 units from last month.


Sales for the entire Heartland area were at 3,991, up for the month by 8.9%. Year to date, sales were down 0.2% for a total of 21,509 for 2017.

The average sales price for the month was up 5.3% from last year, with an average price of $241,668. Year to date, the average price is up 6.9%. The average price is $225,655, versus $211,099 last year.

New listings were up 188 units to 5,030 units, up 3.9% from last year. Inventory decreased 12.5% from last year and is running at 9,650 units; and is up 255 units from last month.



Check out Chris Smiths Podcast


1- Video- See Saved Video on Facebook

2- Text Messaging- Text Your App, Text a Video, Text a Property Website


Don’t have an assistant, but too busy to call every time?

Consider setting up an auto-responder, like the one from FiveStreet. FiveStreet sends natural language text messages so you can buy yourself a bit of time without turning off potential leads (who tend to hate automatic, robotic communications).

Day One, Contact Two: Send a video text

Nothing is more personal than a video, and Rachel suggests sending a quick, off-the-cuff intro video to new leads on day one. She just uses her phone and selfie mode, speaks right into the lens for about 30 seconds and lets people see the face behind the name.

Day Two, Contact Five: Send a short text

Ready to create an air of mystery? In this tactic, Rachel prefers to send a text that says, simply:

3- Email-


Stay top of mind with current and potential clients with the new BHGRE.com drip email campaign. Containing 3 steps over 3 months, this campaign explains the benefits of the new BHGRE.com powered by Zap® and why consumers should start their home search at BHGRE.com. To access the new BHGRE.com drip email campaign. Go to the Greenhouse- >Marketing->Digital Marketing->Campaign Templates->Collection->BHGRE – Consumer Campaigns->Search for Zap.


4- Advertising on Social- Listings, Landings, App, Website

5- Email Plus- Market everything via email: App, Listings, Facebook Page, Website

6- Database Management- Top performing marketers are 3 times more likely to use a CRM than underperforming marketers

What’s your number? Congrats to Heather to be the first to submit her database number!

7- New tech- Artificial Intelligence, Connected Devices, Marketing Automation


Example of predictive marketing- {\”issue_id\”:417491,\”page\”:20″>http://browndigital.bpc.com/publication/?i=417491#”{\”issue_id\”:417491,\”page\”:20

8- Top performs are doing this- Data Integration, Coordination Across Channels


KCRAR Forms and Contracts

2017 KCRAR Residential Contracts timeline



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