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What is happening at BHG KC?

REMINDER: Updated Seller Books “LIVE” – The new Home Selling Presentation is live on KCHagent.com under the “Working with Sellers” tab!  We’ve combined your content suggestions with the lifestyle look and feel of the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand. The result is a fresh Home Selling Presentation that will give you a real competitive advantage when you’re in front of prospects.

The new presentation includes:
1. Covers – Currently, only the “Default Cover” has been updated.  Look for additional new cover options in the coming weeks.

2. Standard Book – Contains all of the core pages used in most seller presentations
3. A La Carte – Contains specialty pages which may be used based on seller needs

4. Publisher Template Pages – We’ve updated the stationery, Title page, Thank You page and Custom Agent Website page to match the new seller book template

The digital version of the seller book for tablets will be available this week.  Stay tuned for more details.  Any questions or concerns, contact marketing@kansascityhomes.com.

Want Your Distinctive Collection Listing Featured in the Digital Magazine? –  The Marketing Department is now accepting submissions for the next issue of Distinctive Collection digital magazine.  Distinctive Collection listings in Kansas City are those priced at $600K or more.  Send your submission (address, MLS #, and a minimum of five higher resolution photos – one should include the front of the house) to marketing@kansascityhomes.com no later than end of day, Wednesday, September 24.  The digital magazine will go live on October 1.  (Note: If your Distinctive Collection listing is shown in the current e-magazine, just let us know that you’d like to keep it in the magazine.  Simply send us an email with the address/MLS # and let us know 1) re-run with no changes or 2) re-run with the following changes . . . then list any changes.)    

Want a FREE Trial of DocuSign? – DocuSign is offering our agents a FREE TRIAL through September 30th ONLY. Any agent who would like to try DocuSign through this free trial offer should contact Polly Clark at pclark@kansascityhomes.com or ext. 8595.  Any agent who signs up for DocuSign on or before September 30th will pay $170.  Access runs through September 1, 2015.  Any questions, contact Polly Clark at pclark@kansascityhomes.com or ext. 8595.


What is happening at BHG?

LAST WEEKEND for National Open House Month – During the month of September, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is holding its national open house month.  You have one weekend left to host an Open House.

BHGRE® launched a national Open House Sweepstakes that allows consumers a chance to win $2,500 toward their first mortgage payment. Consumers can enter by going to any BHGRE open house and uploading pictures of themselves next to open house signs, and then posting these pictures using their favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) with a provided hashtag.  The agent who shows the house to the winning consumer also wins!  A $500 cash prize can be yours – so encourage your prospects to get social!

To help you get ready for your open house weekend, our national colleagues prepared numerous tools and resources so you can create your own successful event, including dedicated training on the Greenhouse, customized drip email campaigns on the Digital Marketing Center, and an Open House Sweepstakes Social Media Kit.  Check out all the information about National BHG Open House Month on the Greenhouse: http://greenhousebhgre.com/display/bhgre/National+Open+House+Month.

Locally, we are promoting the national open house month and sweepstakes on kansascityhomes.com.  You’ll see banner ads each Saturday and Sunday on the homepage.  Additionally, you have the opportunity to showcase an ad about the open house sweepstakes on your website.  To add it to your website, visit kchagent.com/marketing/my website.  Once you login to Agent Edit, go to “Edit Marketing Messages”.  Under Show Large Rotating Ads, select “National Open House Month”.  Make sure to select “Preview” at the bottom of the page, then “Submit for Approval”.

Check out what BHG’s Karlton Utter has to say about open houses. http://www.inman.com/next/recharge-your-open-houses/

Gen Z-

Dear Broker/Owners, Managers and Agents:

Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate is thrilled to announce findings from a first-of-its-kind survey of 1,000 members of Generation Z (teens aged 13-17), revealing that this future generation of homebuyers is quite traditional in their beliefs surrounding homeownership as the American Dream. After being at the forefront of Millennial consumer research, we wanted to take the lead in seeking out what the day after tomorrow’s homebuyers look like. Findings released this morning have already been covered by CNBC online.

Today’s teens are the first generation to grow up in a mobile world. Their level of access — to information, goods and services — as well as their opportunities are like nothing we’ve ever seen. They have been privy to the effects of the recession and are witnessing the economy’s long-term recovery. It’s important to understand the perceptions and motivations of these future consumers and how they will potentially impact the real estate industry. BHGRE is proud to be the first to uncover these findings.

Key findings of the survey include:

  • 97% of Gen Z think they will own a home in the future
  • 82% indicate that homeownership is the most important factor in achieving the American Dream
  • If it meant obtaining their ideal home in the future:
    • 53% would be willing to give up social media for a year
    • 39% would take their mom or dad as their date to the biggest night of their life up to this point — their high school prom!
  • While this generation of teens does most of their purchasing online, they understand the gravity of homeownership and realize the value in a real estate agent      during the process:
    • 59% believe they will undertake the search process with help from a real estate agent
    • 81% believe they will work with a real estate agent during the actual purchase

While many view this survey as ground-breaking, we view it as a necessity. This generation is ahead of its time. They know nothing other than a world surrounded by constant information, and our findings show they are very realistic and traditional when it comes to their future and their outlook on the home buying process. Today’s teens will be ready to enter the housing market before we know it, and at BHGRE, we’ll be ready.

To read the full press release, click here.

Local assets surrounding these findings will be distributed to brokers and marketing leads this week to leverage in your area. For more information, please contact katelyn.castellano@bhgrealestate.com.





What is happening at KCRAR?


Sporting KC REALTOR Night

KCRAR Online Store















What is happening at NAR?



How is the Market?

Clay/Ray Counties

Clay/Ray County sales were down for the month by 13.7% from 2013. Units were at 321 versus 372 last year. Year to date, unit sales are up 1.0%, with 3,114 units this year versus 3,082 last year.

The average sales price for the month was up 2.7% from last year, with an average price of $175,081. Year to date, the average price is up 8.8%. The average price is $172,959 versus $159,039 last year.

New listings were down 55 units to 516 or 9.6% from last year’s 571 units. Inventory is down 2.8% from last year and is running at 1,941 units. Inventory is down 79 units from last month.


Platte County

Platte County sales were down for the month by 8.1% from 2013. Units were at 136 versus 148 last year. Year to date, unit sales are up 1.4%, with 1,337 units this year versus 1,319 last year.

The average sales price for the month was down 0.2% over last year, with an average price of $227,438. Year to date, the average price is up 7.3% from last year. The average price is $220,741 versus $205,690 last year.

New listings in PlatteCounty were down 11 units to 212, down 4.9% from last year’s 223 units. Inventory increased 8.4% from last year and is running at 932 units. Inventory is down 6 units from last month.



Adjusted sales* for the entire Heartland area were at 2,518, down 10.1% or 283 units. The average price was up 5.0%, and averaging $200,073. Year to date, sales were down 1.1% or 269 units for a total of 23,299 for 2014. The average price for the year is running at $191,914, up 5.6% from 2013’s average of $181,764.



Working with Buyers


-Mortgage Calculator
-Sitegeist for area demographics
-Neighborhood reports from RPR
-HomeStyler design a room from a photograph
-Mobile App
-Introduction video, the buying process, show testimonials, community resource


– Just looking right now, about 1 + years away from making a decision.
– Looking for family/friend
– Working with an Agent
– I’m busy right now, can I call you back?
– I want to find a house before I put my house on the market, but I need to sell my house first before I buy.

Biggest Fears

– Pay to much
– Won’t see everything

Improving Buyers Credit


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